Wednesday, May 24, 2006


What's "WalkyDog"? This.

I ordered one last week. It got here today. Tried it out this evening, and it works great.

Wish I'd had it yesterday, because I took Molly out on her jog with her on a leash and me on the bike. We were riding/running on the sidewalk (dumb idea) and we had a Three Stooges moment, in which I went on one side of a mailbox and she went on the other side. I fell over, of course, and it's lucky I wasn't going any faster, because all that got hurt was my shoulder, which aches like the devil today. So, lesson learned -- we only bike in the street from now on, so she can't repeat that trick.

The WalkyDog attachment is a Good Thing, though, because it keeps her a definite distance from the bike, which the leash didn't necessarily do (though she was pretty good about maintaining a good pace and not running under the wheels).


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