Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pics from S.'s wedding

So my youngest sis's wedding was this past Saturday. It was great -- they really know how to throw a party! And her dress got lots of compliments. I've posted a Flikr badge at the bottom of the sidebar; go there for pics.

Anyway, the wedding was lovely. S. was the epitome of the radiant bride, and T. was just glowing, watching her walk down the aisle. I swear he was tearing up, as was I. I managed to stifle the tears -- didn't have a handkerchief anyhow. They really know how to throw a party, too. The food, site, etc. were perfect, as was the weather (we thanked the site manager for ordering it up), and there were only a few minor annoyances, such as the cheeziest DJ imaginable.

The DJ got a small tip, since he didn't obey instructions and hardly used any of the music on S. and T.'s ipods as requested. You know, I'm sure the kind of people who become DJs have egos the size of Everest. But if your check depends on making the customer happy, do what they tell you to do. On the other hand, the kind of people who are wedding DJs at his age... probably suck at everything else.

We had Mom, the bride and groom, my middle sis and her family, and some other good friends over for brunch the next day. The back yard was full of small boys for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to pull out my camera until it was almost too late to take any pics -- I really wish I'd gotten some of B.'s kids (head smack). It was nice to see the garden enjoyed by the kids, though. B's wife M. was horribly embarassed when her youngest kid (who is three) decided to enjoy the lovely day by pulling off all his clothes in the middle of the garden, but I was laughing my head off. I had a kid I was babysitting do that on me once, but it was in a much more public place, and I was horribly mortified at the time, but it's typical 2- and 3-year old behavior. I think there used to be pictures of me at age three up in a fig tree in the same state. The boys were very impressed by the basement, where we keep all the reenacting toys. They're a bit young to let loose down there, though.


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