Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Failed sump pump, water in basement

6/27/06 -- So we got home around 10 pm last night and found that we had about an inch and a half (give or take -- there are low spots) of water in the basement. No electrical failures -- the sump pump just gave up the ghost. We messed with the water for about two hours, opening a drain in the floor (and I twisted my ankle) then went to bed.

This morning, we got up bright and early, and K. went off in search of a pump while I made breakfast (Home Depot won't have any until tomorrow, but the local mom & pop hardware store had a few left). Most of the standing water had gone; K. got the new sump pump installed, and I shop-vac'd the remaining squishy bits up, turned on the dehumidifier and a fan, and started moving the dry boxes of books upstairs. Eventually got to the bottom layer of books; we had to throw out only about 30 or so books, and I wrote down the titles in case I want to replace them later on. Most of our reenacting gear is in Rubbermaid tubs, so I just moved those from one corner of the basement to the other, leaving space for airflow. K. got another dehumidifier to supplement the first, and the space is drying out nicely.

It could've been a lot worse. K. ran into people at Home Depot looking for sump pumps who had a lot more water in their basements. I could have lost many more books. We could have had sewage or any number of other nasty occurrences.

We're going to relax for the rest of the day. We deserve it.

6/28/06 -- I'm sore. Sore ankle, sore back, stretched out hamstrings. Ow.

The basement is drying out, the sump pump is working. It smells a bit musty, even with the two dehumidifiers running, so I put the fan on -- we had an area rug that got a bit damp on one edge, and I think that's the main culprit, so the fan is directed toward the rug.


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