Sunday, June 04, 2006

Fire extinguishers are a GOOD thing

So, last weekend coming back from Fort Frederick, we got stuck in a backup, and then when we passed the source of the backup, it was a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had been burned to bare metal; the occupants were sitting on the guard rail looking forlorn.

Last night, we were sitting under our fly when the guy at the camp next to us lit his Coleman lantern -- except that it went up in large blue flames. He managed to get it out from under his fly and off the (plastic) table to 20 ft away on the grass. I rummaged in my First Aid box and got out the fire extinguisher, and he put out the fire. Kevin told me the propane tank would have exploded if it had heated enough. (Phew!)

I'm very glad I got a fire extinguisher for our kit. Have to go out and replace it before the next event.

Also have GOT to get an extinguisher for the car and the truck. I've been meaning to for years, and this should be a warning...


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